Features and Benefits

Many may be wondering, "Why switch to this new website?
Well, aside from having to never type your phone number and all the other information you used to fill out on EVERY production order, here are some features that should entice you to log in and get your account started.

Never losing scripts...(or, no more lost in cyberspace e-mails):
All of your scripts are saved in your own database (up to six months). To see them simply select the "visit your dashboard" link on the right side of the webpage..
Confirmations go directly to you from the website. You'll be notified when spots are ready to download, and if you're account manager who takes care of billing, invoices will be sent to your e-mail at the end of every month.

Live chat
Instead of using email or calling by telephone, try the 'Chat Now' link at the bottom of the webpage to get in touch with us right away. Our staff is very responsive during business hours (overnight messages may have to wait until the morning) It also saves money for the both of us for long-distance calls which helps to keep our pricing low.

Audiofile Library
All of your audiofiles are saved also. If you ever lose an audiofile, go to your dashboard, then click on the "downloaded" tab and download the audiofile again anytime you want, to any location you want. Also makes it handy while visiting clients and using a laptop to have them hear and approve the ad.

Now you can Track your orders through the whole production process. You'll always know when the order has been received, whether our engineering team is mixing it together for you or has completed the audiofile.

Viewing and paying invoices online:
For General Managers, Sales Managers, and your Accounts Payable Department, you can view and pay invoices online by using a credit card, Paypal or simply inform us via the website that you'll be paying by check.

Submitting spot orders
Ordering a spot has never been easier, simply go to your dashboard and click on "Order Spot". Use our talent picker to select a voice, once selected you may listen to the talent's demo on that same page. If you decide to change the talent for your spot, simply click "Select Talent" once again to change your selection. You may also choose to have a JSS producer choose who they think is best for your audio project. (JSS will select the most appropriate voices for multi-voice spots, although you can always make requests in the 'Special Instructions' field)

Script calculator
An easier to use interface for submitting scripts is always a good thing, and with our new script calculator, it times scripts utilizing words, not individual characters. Use the slider (it's fun, try it...) and move it left to right depending on the amount of "sell" or "speed" you want in the ad. Our script calculator automatically determines the right amount of words the script will need to fill the length of ad you order. Or you can always upload your script using our "Script Uploader" (Allowed file types: .txt .doc .docx .odf .pdf and .rtf)

A Paperless company
By utilizing this website, did you realize that not a single piece of paper was used in the production of your audiofile? You would probably think, "Of course not!"

Think about it for just a moment...

No faxes.
No scripts printed on paper.
No invoices and envelopes or stamps...

We can't wait for the day when paper is no longer utilized by JustSaySpots.com
We are hoping that you can do your part and also feel good about conserving natural resources.

Future Versions
In future upgrades, you'll be able to view and utilize a script library where you can just exchange business name, location and phone number information and the professionally written script is all your own. You'll also be able to choose 'ready-to-go' pronunciation audiofiles to send to talent if required, and even be able to preview and choose your own sound effects (sfx) and music (mux) as well.

There's a lot more to come..... Thanks for visiting!
The JustSaySpots Team.