Frequently Asked Questions


If the request is made for multiple takes, then we will do everything we can to get you what you require and only bill you for a single spot.

Afraid so. Since we don't waste any time once you script is submitted, we get it voiced and produced right away. Most of the time though our producers will catch words that we are not sure how to pronounce and we'll e-mail you back asking for further directions.

Also the quickest way to reach us for any errors would be clicking the "chat" link at the bottom of our page, and we would get to you as soon as possible.

If you're ready to hire the best, call us or e-mail. We'll get pricing information to you right away!

You may visit the Rates Page to view rates per spot and the monthly packages we offer!

Simply log in to view your current invoice and pay your bill online or look for our invoice via email or regular mail depending on what you prefer.

 Billing is the normal 30 days. Interest charges may be added after the 30-day period has expired. If you have not seen any bill from us, contact us and we'll get one sent to you right away.

Invoices are completed at the end of each calendar month. You may pay your invoice online via PayPal, or by credit card. If you prefer invoices to be sent via e-mail or by regular mail, just inform us at

Payments made to can be made by any of the following:

All Major Credit Cards
Business check
Money Order

General Questions

JustSaySpots is an audio production company that combines over 40 voiceove artists' with usually same-day delivery of audio production and media.

  • TV
  • radio
  • on-hold messages
  • websites
  • industrial projects
  • POP advertising
  • imaging
  • audiobooks
  • and anything you can think of that utilizes the spoken word, and audio.

Our engineers are always here to help. Take advantage of our live website chat by clicking on the "Chat now" button on the bottom of our website! The JSS team is only seconds away from answering any questions you have (messages received past business hours may not receive a reply until the morning). Or just call during regular business hours and get in touch with one of our audio engineers.  And of course! E-mail is also always welcomed! Simply click "Contact Us" on the navigation bar above.

Open Monday thru Friday 6am to 3pm p.s.t.
Closed on all major holidays .  i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.


Yes. Since the voiceover artist needs to recut the ad, then we would have to bill for it. However, our engineers will try to edit if they can to help with length issues, or other things we can help with like editing a word or sentence out.

Stuff happens... If it's a simple revision, call or e-mail us, we'll do our best to switch out a word here or there, or to completely cancel the order IF our artist hasn't voiced it yet.

Due to our super-fast turnaround times, please double check the scripts and read it back to yourself so you can get the spot right the first time, and have it back quickly so you can make the sale.


With our website, you may attach up to a pronounciation audiofile and any example audiofiles that will be sent to the producer and talent to make sure we get your spot done the way you want it.

You'll receive your audiofile returned to you via our website. From there, You will simply log in and click on the link to download it to your computer.

Depends...Listen to the artist's demo... If you're really not sure, just ask, we may be able to produce a portion of your script to give you a better idea of how it will sound when completed.

Sure.. If we did not follow your directions, we'll always make good on an ad to keep you satisfied. But if you chose the talent, then you'll will pay for a new spot if you change your mind and think another artist would sound better with your script.

Your audiofiles are always located on your download page if you select 'view old orders'. We keep audiofiles in your portal for 90 days. After that period of time has passed, we archive your audiofiles on a backup server. Simply e-mail and he'll get your audiofile to you promptly for free.


Due to our talent only being available at various times of day or night, and especially due to the numerous locations of talent in other time-zones throughtout the world, speaking with the talent is not always possible. Please contact one of our audio engineer's and they will make sure any additional details that are required will get to the voiceover artist.

Sorry, if you allowed our producers to pick the artist, that means we looked at your script and through years of experience, chose the person we thought would sound best for your project. If the artist made a mistake or did not follow your directions, then we will happily upload a free redo.

If you chose the talent originally, then yes you would have to pay for another spot with a different artist. Be sure and go to the talent page and check out their audio demos before making a selection as to who you want voicing your next project.

Or you can have our producers choose the voice that feels right for them.  Kiko for example has ben producing radio ads for more than twenty years, so he can at least advise you on what may sound best for your client.


After creating a new account, and being approved, our website will automatically e-mail you with one time link to your account. From there you can set your password and update any information. The reason why we do this is to validate that you have an actual, working e-mail account.

1. After logging in, your own personal dashboard will have a "Completed" .
2. Click the box, then click on the title of the ad you wish to download.
3. A new page will appear, right click on the 'download' link and choose "save as" to save it to your hard-drive at a location of your choosing.
4. The spot will automatically be sent to your "Downloaded" section on your dashboard

All emails that come from the website, will be sent via the follwoing address:

Be sure to look in any junk e-mail folders you may have and allow that address to be considered 'safe'.

Examples of emails that do originate from are:

1.When any order is sent, the website automatically e-mails you a copy for your records.
2.When any password changes or accounts are set up, JSS e-mails you for confirmation.
3.When any orders are complete, the website will notify you that an audiofile or script is ready to be downloaded.

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The first time you download the spot, you'll need to right click "and save as" to download the spot in a location of your chooosing on your hard drive.

If you ever need to re-download the spot again, you'll find it on your dashboard, in either the "Completed" or "Downloaded" section.
Simply click on the title of the ad, then you can re-download the spot using the same guidelines as mentioned above.

By clicking "Log in" at the top right there will be an additional tab to request a new password, an e-mail with a one-time link will be sent to the e-mail on file you've provided us

After logging in using the website, click on "My Account" on the upper-left hand corner of the page.

Click 'edit', then simply type in your new password.